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Thank you for your interest in Louis B Model & Talent Management.

Our talent has had the privilege to collaborate with local and global brands such as Netflix's Blood & Water, Adidas, Nike, Woolworths, Google, Spotify and Superbalist. We're excited about discovering and representing talent ready to make unique contributions to the industry.

  • Applications are to be made online only. Do not call or email the agency to apply.
  • WE DO NOT have model scouts, and we do not ask for a joining fee.
  • Applicants under 18 must have their parent's permission to apply.
  • Applicants need to be within an hour's travel distance from Johannesburg.

To join, please complete the application form below. If you have not heard back from us within two weeks, please consider your application unsuccessful.


Proud Member of NAMA - National Association of Model Agencies.


Step 1: Basic Information

Must live within one hour’s drive from JHB.

Step 2: Photo Upload

Headshot: Please supply a clear head and shoulders portrait shot. (no sunglasses or hats), and do not wear any makeup.
Full length: Please take this against a plain background.

Full Length

Step 3: video Upload

Please upload a short video introducing yourself or showcasing some of your talents and skills.



Frequently Asked Questions



Our application process is fully online. Click HERE to submit your application. Please do not reach out to the agency via call or email for application purposes. For those below 18 years, the application should be submitted by a parent or legal guardian.

All submissions will be evaluated; if successful, a response will be issued accordingly. If you have not heard from us within two weeks, please consider your application unsuccessful.

No, joining our agency, attending castings, and participating in shoots are all free of charge. Upon confirmation of a job, our agency commission will be deducted according to the NAMA recommendation.

No, you don't. Simple, unedited images captured in natural light are acceptable, and you can take them with your cellphone.

Absolutely, we are always on the lookout for new talent.

Hey there! We at LOUIS B prefer catching up with our talent through email. Easy peasy!


Please understand that as an agency, we can't guarantee work for all our talent.

As the agency, we promote each model to the best of our ability. We can't determine how many castings each model will receive as we do not create the jobs ourselves. Instead, we suggest suitable talent for all the briefs we receive from the casting directors we work with. Your profile must always be current, as many castings require specific clothing sizes or measurements.

Our booker promotes the best suitable talent for each role. However, the final decision is up to the client.

Yes, Louis B Model & Talent Management is a Johannesburg-based agency, so most of our castings occur in the Johannesburg area. Castings, callbacks, wardrobe fittings and shoots can happen at short notice.


when you have an audition for a certain job. This does not mean that the job has been secured/confirmed.

an invitation to return for a second audition.

when you are not 100% confirmed for a job, but it is a tentative yes. You need to be available on the day until you have been notified that you have been either released or booked. Please do not make changes to your appearance after casting for the specific shoot, as it could cost you the job.

when you are required to go and fit the apparel you will be wearing at the shoot.

when you have been confirmed for the job.


Remember, your profile is like your key to incredible work opportunities! A well-completed profile boosts your chances. So, give it a quick review to ensure all your details are up to date, from your recent photos and contact info to skills, wardrobe sizes, work history, and more.

Your skills deserve to be seen! Don't forget to list them on your profile. Whether you're a dancer, a sports star, a maestro in music, or a language whizz, our clients are always searching for unique skills. Failing to showcase them might mean missing out on the perfect job. So, let's make sure your profile paints a vibrant picture of your talents.

Please let us know immediately. Our booking agent will send you emails or texts about castings, fittings, callbacks, and shoots. You are expected to check your email and texts regularly, as we won't be responsible for any missed opportunities.


Models aren't paid for attending castings, callbacks, or fittings. However, you'll receive a fee for every day you're on set.
Usage fees vary based on the medium of the final product, its duration, the territories it will be used in, and the role you were confirmed for. Although clients typically set the rates, we negotiate fair rates for our talent where necessary and according to industry standards.

Curious about when the cash starts flowing? Post-shoot, expect your Day Fee rates to drop 30 days after invoicing. For Usage rates, there’s a bit of a wait of up to 90 days - as we must wait for the client to confirm whether our talent is fully featured in the final product.

The agency charges the client a booking fee of 20% on all hourly, daily, and usage fees. This 20% will be included in the original quote/fee from the client. This is between the agency and the client.

The agency will deduct a 20% commission from the model for all jobs, and this has no bearing on the 20% booking fee by the client. The agent will invoice both agency fees and model/artist fees. Please note that you can claim back the PAYE at the end of the financial year. (Standard PAYE and VAT apply).

Besides the casting process, we will handle all contracts and invoicing, follow up on renewals, and calculate or negotiate future usage and renewal quotes where necessary and per industry standards.

Yes. All models must have a tax number.

SARS rules that all talent who work and have completed a shoot must be treated as employees and will be taxed at the current PAYE rate (Pay As You Earn). This applies to the gross total income earned for every job.

To obtain a TAX number, you can visit your nearest SARS office or request that we apply on your behalf at a service fee of R300.


No. Although you're welcome to pursue these independently, it's not necessary.

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